Content Scientist


BSc: Mathematics and Statistics (1st)

Computer programs:

R, Maple, SPSS, Lingo, Excel, Access, PowerPoint etc.

Sparx Insider Insights: Chrissy, Content Scientist

I’m one of the content scientists here at Sparx. I create a lot of the content that goes into the software, and I’m also part of the testing team. So I test a lot of the new algorithms, as well as any new features that we’re going to have in Sparx – and all the networking as well.

The environment here at Sparx is very fast-paced. You can’t underestimate that. You come in from a lesson, and maybe this didn’t work and this did work... then it’s a quick change-around to get it all ready for the lesson the next day. Everyone is constantly having ideas and because everything is constantly evolving, there’s always room for those ideas.

When I joined Sparx, I thought it would be more daunting than it actually was – everyone was very friendly. We have cosy sofa nights downstairs where we watch a film and order a Chinese takeaway, and we’re all sitting there in our slippers. Or there’s pilates, commando challenges... There’s constantly something going on here.

The ideal person to work at Sparx is someone who likes change. You don’t know what you’re going to do when you arrive in the morning. And you don’t know what you’re going to end up working on tomorrow.

Sparx is a fast-paced, exciting place to work. But it’s very rewarding and very friendly too.

What I do when I am not at Sparx

Go back to Cornwall to see friends and family

Walk on Dartmoor (as I live on the outskirts of it)

Go to gigs

Listen to music (I have 5000+ songs on my iPod, all different kinds of music)