We believe it’s the people who work here who make Sparx special.

We all have different perspectives and expertise but we all share the same big goal – to improve the way people learn.

We have gathered a great team of leading experts in their chosen field...

Sparx was set up by leading scientists Mark Dixon and Glenn Woodcock to solve one of the most important problems of the day.

Now they are working with the best and the brightest brains to transform the way we learn. It’s an amazing challenge, and one that inspires us all.


We build our software, helping Sparx become bigger and better. We write high quality, reusable code that focuses on usability, scalability and innovation.

Content Science

We develop engaging new ways to teach topics, research how learning works, and analyse what we find.

See the video: What is a content scientist


We put our huge data sets through their paces, using maths and understanding of human behaviour to draw conclusions about what works and what doesn’t in education.

Games Developers

We design high quality games which make learning awesome, fun and addictive – games with a real purpose.

Introducing our management team...

Sparx is a scientifically driven and research based educational technology company, founded in 2010 by Mark Dixon and Glenn Woodcock, to understand and improve the way young people learn.