18 November 2016  |  Will Bolam Sparx investigates: Sorry Miss, the database ate my homework

Will Bolam, our Technical Director, walks us through how he recovered a student's data to ensure they could complete their homework.

14 November 2016  |  Xavier Jameson Intern Insights: Content Science

One of our Summer Interns, Xavier Jameson, tells us about his time in the Content Science team, from ‘skeletoning’ to sports.  

11 November 2016  |  Angharad Johnson University career fairs - Say hello

We've been out and about across the UK over the last month on a mission to meet graduates who share our belief in the power of technology to transform education. It's been fantastic talking to students about Sparx.

17 October 2016  |  Sparx Gaming at Sparx

We talk to Alistair, one of our lead Games Developers, to find out what makes Sparx games so unique, why they differ from commercial games and the benefits they can bring to education.

03 October 2016  |  Sparx Intern insights: swim, cycle, run and Sparx

Sophia, one of our summer interns, tells us about her summer at Sparx and becoming a triathlon champion in her spare time. 

12 September 2016  |  Sparx 10 things Sparx loves about Exeter

At Sparx we think we're pretty lucky to work in Exeter and we like to make the most of it. Here's our top 10 list of why by the sea is the place to be.